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Discover the most secure and compliant IoT M2M connectivity platform




Empowering IoT and SaaS companies with a comprehensive eSIM management solution for seamless activation and management of eSIMs

IoT Connectivity

Facilitating seamless connectivity for a wide range of IoT devices with scalable and reliable M2M connectivity solutions

Financial Technology

Enhancing financial technology with

IoT solutions for secure transactions and protection of sensitive data

Industrial Automation

Optimizing industrial operations with advanced IoT and M2M connectivity solutions for improved efficiency and automation


eSIM Management Platform

Comprehensive solution streamlining the activation and management of eSIMs. The platform comes packaged with a remote life cycle management portal that allows multiple ecosystem partners to access and manage the eSIMs they need. This multi-profile eSIM management platform provides a flexible and scalable solution that meets the needs of a wide range of customers

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Secure IoT Network

Growspace's secure IoT network provides a robust and scalable infrastructure for connected devices. With its advanced security features and scalability, Growspace's secure IoT network is the ideal solution for businesses looking to deploy IoT solutions and protect their data with reliable and efficient connections.

M2M Connectivity Solutions

Growspace's M2M connectivity solution is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive IoT M2M service that enhances the control and management of their portfolio of assets. It offers remote management capabilities and a quick and quality service. The solution is built with M2M connectivity and security-by-design in mind, ensuring that customer data is protected and secure.

Communication Tower


A comprehensive and future proof solution of IoT connectivity

Growspace is a leading technology company that provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for the IoT and eSIM markets. Our connectivity solutions offer businesses the tools they need to drive innovation and growth in the IoT market. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, we offer flexible and scalable solutions that are designed to meet the evolving needs of the IoT market.

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